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01-31-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
While I agree that the end for Phoenix is nigh, I hate to see fans lose their franchise. You can say "what fans" but there are some. If you were the only kings fan, imagine how you'd feel if the team was suddenly moved to Nova Scotia. Sucks for them...
i understand that completely, but at some point you have to move on. when a team isn't financially feasible it has to be done. this was one of the issues the lockout was over. revenue sharing and essentially teams having to support the likes of PHX. to have a healthy league this can't continue.

Originally Posted by DP View Post
You'd think the NHL would prefer them to stay in the west. Not sure what makes sense, KC, OKC, Portland Ore, Seattle, San Antonio. Not too many sexy choices there.
well Seattle makes the most sense here obviously. Dallas has had problems drawing fans the past few seasons, so adding another team to the state likely wouldn't be a good choice. granted the two cities are far apart, but in football mad TX its obvious hockey will remain behind when it comes to fans spending money.

i never hear Salt Lake being brought up. the city has had the Golden Eagles for decades and i know the amateur presence has grown considerably. i live there back around '80 and played. at that time there were 3 rinks to play on and one was the old Salt Palace the Jazz and G Eagles played in. now they have numerous rinks, Jr teams and an actual high school league for puck. the city keeps growing, the game has obviously grown and the only team there is the Jazz.

Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
I thought this thread was going to be about Penner.
that is coming sooner than later if Dustin doesn't pull it together

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Toronto has been a mess on the ice. Off of it they are arguably the best thing for hockey. Isn't their networth like $1 billion now? Having a second Toronto team would be a financial boon to the NHL's coffers.

Vegas will have a major pro team at some point, gambling or not. I'd rather see the NHL roll into it first than be the last one to the trough. Build up your fanbase before the competition arrives.

Considering I'm planning on moving to Nova Scotia eventually, I'd be ok with it
revenues and coffers be damned. i am looking at it from the point of the team moving to an area that appreciates, loves and can sustain a team for the long term. yes TOR could, but they've got a team. move the team to another market that would love to have its own NHL team

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