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01-31-2013, 11:20 AM
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Kinda related in terms of refs being idiots on social media...USHL ref,Johnathan Morrison , last season...

"@Scott, Why would I want to skate in CR when I can skate in Waterloo? You know, the original PartyTown, not RiderTown where their idea of a pregame is some strangely homo-erotic euro dance tune. Give me Buccaneer Arena/Young Arena or give me death."
The league's response? From head of officials Scott Brand himself...

"Oh by the way then there something is wrong with the league - I was at the game, and brought the crew a beer - great game last night by the teams and the Officials did a great job. 5th goal by the Hawks puck was loose- I was standing in the zamboni end, also talked with Hilibrandt the CR goalie, met his housing parents- great people. Crap like this cheapens a great rival and a great game. I have been in this league 27 seasons, when our guys suck I will be the 1st in line to let everyone know, I am going to go ahead and head to waterloo now to watch America's Team- the Black Hawks play the Bucs- a 2 hour and 5 minute dump and chase fest since it 3 for 4 and 3 in 3 days for both teams. And if any CR fan or other hockey expert wants to apply for the RIC of the league- I encourage you to apply. Then I will go back to being a GM- maybe in CR- sell out the building every game and get rid of the Viking dancing YMCA dancers after each goal- serious WTF is that- no wonder the officials dont want to see goals- who wants to see that video. See you at clover leaf by 11 "

Yes, the league's response was, "no wonder the officials don't want to see goals" because a certain team plays after a goal. Oh and the head of officials describes (his favorite) team as "America's team"

Guess what? Nothing was done to the ref or head of officiating. In FACT, league spokesperson, Brian Werger's response was...

This has been addressed. Although it was a private conversation between two people that was done in a joking manner, it is not the image that the USHL wants to portray. A mistake was made and the individuals involved acknowledge such and regret their error. Despite an intrusion on a private conversation, they understand that comments made in a social media platform can be misinterpreted from an outside view and they should not have put themselves in that position.

These individuals care deeply about the USHL and it is ridiculous that anyone would suggest there is any bias towards or against any USHL teams.

Again, the matter has been addressed and we now consider this matter closed.
The officials were stupid enough to have this conversation on Facebook and the league blames the fans for an "intrusion of privacy" and calls fans concerns "ridiculous". The USHL, folks.

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