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Originally Posted by Blame it on PK View Post
The "media" Ovechkin mainly deals with is the Washington media, who prop him up as if he is God and loves everything he does to death; go to Capitals Insider and DC Sports Bog on the Washington Post and you won't see ANY negativity about Ovechkin from the press. Although, RGIII has quickly supplanted him now since the Redskins have a much bigger following. Guys like Don Cherry and co. are COMPLETE blips on the radar to Washington Capitals fans and mediaand dissed immediately. Ovechkin has "chilled out" because he's gotten complacent yet is still trys to play like it is 2008 (still doing 1-on-4s), not because he's been listening to Don Cherry.
I think that's patently false. On a day-to-day basis, yes, but on a bigger scale, Ovechkin is easily the second most talked about hockey player in the world since the lock out, with only Crosby ahead of him. You don't think that has any effect after dealing with it for almost 10 years?

I'm not saying it has anything to do with his play - I don't think him being complacent has anything to do with it. You could argue he's "matured" but either way, I'd still hold true to my original belief that the NHL and the media covering it (and certainly some fans) don't want "personalities", they want the same quotes and interviews and on-ice celebrations they've been accustomed to for decades now. Eventually these "personalites" realize you get less negative attention and have to answer fewer stupid questions when you act like everyone else on your team.

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