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01-31-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
I'm with you Randy. The NHL game has never been more boring. The playoffs in particular where everyone plays that boring, get me a 1 goal lead off any junk shot or deflection you can get and then go into defensive lockdown.

I still remember an interview with Knuble after the Ovy/Campbell suspension where Knuble said he told Ovy to hold back. I thought back then that it was the worst possible advice I could have expected from a Vet like Knuble. I think Ovy took it to heart and no longer gives a damn about the regular season. Unfortunately it's near impossible to flip a switch and start giving a damn come playoff time.

On the surface there seems to be something dysfunction/unhealthy about Ovy's mental state (in relation to the game). He needs some help and you have to wonder if the Caps are trying to get him some. A sport psychologist can do wonders sometimes.
I agree with the NHL becoming boring. I grew up in the 80s and the talent/skill wasn't like it is now, but there was at least heart. I guess I'm older and don't have the zeal like I used to with the NHL. Just seems like something is missing. I don't know if it is the lockouts, Bettman, GMGM, Ted, or what, but something is missing.

As for Ovy, I'm not giving up on him just yet. I don't believe a player loses skill and my guess is he is lovesick. That is no excuse, but my speculation. If there is one player who could switch it up from regular to playoffs, I believe it would be a hungry Ovechkin.

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