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01-31-2013, 12:47 PM
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The hope for revenge in this game will likely go unfulfilled.

Fact is Keith has never fought anyone who actually knows how to fight. So strike Kassian, Ballard, Bieksa, Volpatti, Weise, Hansen and Lapierre out as possible candidates. He knows our team, and he knows who he won't mess with.

The only time he'll fight anyone his size or bigger, is if he's having a temper tantrum.

In pretty much every fight he's been in, he has instigated. Usually leading with 1-2 sucker punches before the other combatant even knows they're going to fight.

If anyone DOES jump Keith, rest assured, he's a star player. It won't be 2 for instigating. They'll probably throw the book at whoever does it. And depending on what happened, or if Keith got hurt, it would likely end in suspension.

If a scrum happens, he'll likely grab onto the first Raymond, Schroeder, Sedin or even Higgins, that he can find. At the first hint of aggression from this "soft" player, he'll throw off the gloves, sucker him with a few punches and try to wrestle him down. hence why 2 of his 5 NHL fights have been against Burrows. Small, not known for fighting, but feisty if you grab ahold of him.

Best option will be just to punish him by finishing checks as hard as possible. To say that he's hard to hit is true. To say it's impossible is false. After all, the flying elbow he delivered to Daniel was retaliation for Daniel flooring him in the corner. He clearly got embarrassed when he got laid out by a "sister", who his team has made the butt of all jokes, and bullied since they came into the league.

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