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01-31-2013, 12:00 PM
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) Heīs leaving Sid with Kunitz and Dupuis for years and forever.
2) He traded Michalek for garbage.
3) He promised that heīs gonna use that cap space, but he didnīt make it happen.
4) Failed on Suter/Parise and had no plan B.
5) He let Sullivan go. Sully was very good for us in 2nd half of season and in PO. He wanted to stay, almost for free. But Shero wanted to try Tangradi/garbage there with Malkin. Our PP now has no entry skill and no blueline patience, which Sully provided.
6) He didnīt bring somebody to replace Sullivan.
7) He continues to draft D-men.
8) Heīs trolling us with a lot of AHL signings instead of making something important
1) Maybe because Sid clicks with Kunitz and Dupuis. Not every superstar needs a 2nd superstar to elevate their game. Lemieux racked up points with Robbie Brown. Hell, Sid put up a 100 pt season with Andy Hilbert on his line. Even when Sid and Geno are on the same line, how many point per game are they racking up? Kunitz and Dupuis are both 50-60 pt players and more importantly are plenty capable of keeping up with Sid's speed, especially Duper.

2) No, he traded Michalek because he was out of place and couldn't adapt to the system in place. That trade also may have helped the Pens go all-in on Parise and/or Suter.

3 and 4) He didn't use that cap space because he was all-in on Parise and possibly Suter. That's not necessarily is fault. Do you overpay for them and be handcuffed with a long-term deal if they don't work out? You know, kinda how some people felt with Paul Martin going into this offseason.

5 and 6) Yes, Sullivan is gone. It sucks, and I've mentioned that the Penguins had little to no trouble getting the puck into the zone when he was on the ice during a power play. However, Sully is also 38, injury prone (currently has a lower body injury, will miss next game, possibly the next game), and was VERY streaky. Looking over his game log right now, I see he had a four game pointless streak six times. That's roughly a third of the season of streakiness, which doesn't even include the random game or two where he was kept off the board. Even this season where somebody might say "oooh, 4 goalz!!!!111!!", three were scored on one game, and he's been pointless in 4 out of 6 games. I was thrilled when he signed here, and would have liked another year out of him. But do you bank on 38 year old players to be the primary puckmover on your power play and for consistency?

I won't even get into The Tangradi Experiment. He's improving but I'm sure the clock is ticking, that's all I'll say.

7) He drafts D...yes, lots of D. I'll give you this one. It's frustrating to see him go after dmen with such high picks year after year. However, and I'm hoping this is what he's going with, you stockpile assets in the hope that a team desperately needs a dman and is willing to pay. That's how you end up with a Kunitz. That's how you end up with a James Neal. Of course, that's how you also end up losing Strait. I'm on the fence about his stockpiling. I understand it. I don't necessarily agree with it.

8) This was a team that was up against the cap for many years. When you spend to the cap, AHLers are the only thing that fit into the budget.

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