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01-31-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by PROMputt View Post
I could not disagree more. A good GM never let's and agent or player dictate demands, sets are real bad precedent. Not that I am comparing Snow to either of these guy's but do you think Lamoriello or Torrey would take crap from a player or agent? Yah I do't think so, so neither should Snow. Nino is still a BIG part of the future here with the Islanders. Let's remember he is 20 and this could all go away in a year. I still expect to see him skating a few games with the team this year but if he does not and plays at the Bridge and in the playoffs at the Bridge I will be OK with that.
I hear you, but this is not about winning/losing or letting a player or agent dictate anything. All that IMO is secondary. What this is about is what to expect from Nino in the future. Externalizing issues, assigning blame, etc are character flaws that may not simply go away. Yes, they could just be issues from being an immature 20yo, but many other 20yos are/were in a very similiar situation to Nino and didn't whine about it. Did Bailey piss and moan, demand a trade when he was sent down? No, he put up 1.5 ppg. Theres something to be said for that type of character and thats the type to bring into your team, not the diva-ish, "I deserve x,y,z".

Again, its not about letting the player or agent dictate anything. Its assessing what may come from Nino in the future and the realization that you'd better serve the team by getting the best possible return for him today.

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