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Originally Posted by IafrateOvie34 View Post
I agree with the NHL becoming boring. I grew up in the 80s and the talent/skill wasn't like it is now, but there was at least heart. I guess I'm older and don't have the zeal like I used to with the NHL. Just seems like something is missing. I don't know if it is the lockouts, Bettman, GMGM, Ted, or what, but something is missing.

There is no passion, no emotion in the game. Its largely just whistle free skating up and down the ice. If someone hits anyone, its reviewed by Shanahan. Why risk it.

Heaven forbid you have to take a **** as a fan, you are lucky to make it to your seat before the end of the period. They can barely get commercials in, killing their own revenue. Watching skating bores me.

I think its founded in the attempts to change the game. Mario led I have alleged, as this is the game he always *****ed about wanting as a player. And now as an owner gifted a team by a bankrupt franchise, he now had clout.

The league also catered to the 10 people that would call NY after seeing there was a bench brawl on the news, or saw Tie Domi drag a flyers fan into the box. I do not believe the league polled its true fans about what they liked and didn't.

Ironically, as they "cleaned up" the game, MMA rose out of no where.

The rule changes stifle anything but an up and down skating game. Only problem is, defenses can still largely control offenses, so the times to cheer are far and few between now.

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