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01-31-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
Sure it is. And I way prefer the oranges of walking to the train to the apples of avoiding some aggressive slob driving in the parking lot who was stumbling when he got into his car. I defy anyone who says they haven't seen that with their own two eyes.


Fully understand and somewhat agree with your point. That being said:

We've all seen it, myself included but that doesnt mean that slob gets into an accident does it? Which is the point I am debating. The original poster stated that he had seen many accidents caused by drunk drivers coming from NYI games. That staement in itself is very broad and witout fact and I am refuting that.

And for what it is worth you are going to run into the same drunk slobs walking to the train as you see now walking to their cars. One could make the argument that the drunk slob on the train can be dangerous as well because you are confining that drunk slob to a crowded space on a train and way more opportunity for that to errupt into an altercation.

No matter how you slice it situations always get bad when alcohol is introduced. I like my cocktails but I know when to stop.

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