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01-31-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Really don't understand why you think the Coyotes should go to Seattle (unproven market) over Quebec City (proven market-would mirror Jets success), please explain. Personally as a Canadian I find it strange.
QC still faces the same problems they did before. It's a much more predominantly francophone population than Montreal which limits some of their outside support and marketing. Filling seats isn't the only thing that makes a team economically viable. Which is why Bettman targeted southern teams, to try and gain the TV market, which has already provided a boon to the NHL's pockets.

To quote a wikipedia article:
Arguably, the Nordiques felt the difficulties created by the new environment more than the league's other Canadian teams. Quebec City was the smallest market in the NHL, and the second-smallest major-league city in North America, behind only Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to the National Football League's Green Bay Packers. However, the Nordiques didn't have a nearby major market on which to draw support, as the Packers do with Milwaukee. Additionally, Quebec City is a virtually monolingual francophone city. Unlike in Montreal and Ottawa (the other NHL cities with large francophone fan bases), all public address announcements were only given in French. Then as now, there were no privately owned English-language radio stations, and only one privately owned English-language television station. Then as now, the only English-language newspaper was the weekly Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. These factors severely limited the Nordiques' marketability even in their best years, and made many non-French players (most notably Lindros) wary of playing for them. While the Nordiques had a fairly loyal fan base, it was not enough for them to be viable in the new environment.
If you think Montreal is bad for hiring only French speaking coaches and management (which is so, so dumb) wait until QC gets a team.

Seattle has a huge market from which to draw. Seattle and surrounding cities like Portland and Everett sell out junior hockey, not to mention a very large population from which to draw from. Even with 3 other major sports Seattle could easily maintain it's viability due to those surrounding markets.

I understand the whole "I'm Canadian so I think another team should go in Canada" thinking, but my thinking is "I'm a hockey fan, so I want hockey to go where it can prosper". It's in my thinking that both places could support a hockey team, but I think Seattle has the opportunity to really take off as an NHL franchise market. Whereas QC still runs the risk of stuttering.

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