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Originally Posted by wpgsilver View Post
I'd rather see Seattle. Personal preference.
I think Seattle is at worst a good market, at best a slam dunk. I think that markets potential is greater than QC's.
We also need more western teams not less, not that it's a deciding factor.

I also don't think being a Canadian has anything to do with it.
Explain why Seattle was passed over in every other expansion bid, I think people are way too optimistic about Seattle, sure it is a wealthy city that may afford a lot of corporate support but I wonder if they are really into hockey. Sure Seattle may have greater potential, the city is 5 times as big, but there are 8 million hockey fans in the province of Quebec. A team in Seattle will be the 5th team in that city, NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS followed by the NHL.

Really don't see what the problem is covering the Nordiques in French or the team operating in French, I mean we have two official languages in Canada, it's not like the Flames or Oilers broadcast or make arena announcements in both official languages. The Wikipeida article is plain dumb and 20 years out of date.

Bettman tried to get the TV market with southern teams and it was an epic fail, ratings for hockey in southern cities are so bad they don't even register, in fact NBC doesn't even bother showing southern teams on their broadcasts.

We've had this discussion before, you guys know where I stand.

PS Sweech, the NHL is still pretty much a gate driven league, as the Jets have shown. Pretty tough to make a go of it in southern locations where your basically giving tickets away.

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