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01-31-2013, 01:33 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Didnt mean to imply you specifically - just in general. The bottom 6 can be whatever a coach wants it to be. Torts likes a 3rd line checking unit. Boyle has accepted that role and excelled in it - that, above everything else, is why it infuriates me people bash Boyle and say the need more offense. It shows a complete lack of understanding of his this team is built.

Anyway, regarding the 4th line, I agree that Rupp and Asham look like snails out there. But they are veterans and havent done anything to hurt the team. I think Torts would get rid of 4th lines completely if he could. They can also fight.

Personally, I like the 4th line bringing energy and hitting everything that moves, which this 4th line hasnt done. Give me a guy like Ryan Hollweg (but with a brain) on the 4th line and Im happy.
its no coincidence that winning teams all have 4th lines that contribute.

be it 6 minutes per game or over 10, good teams roll 4 lines that all play with purpose and get **** done. the perfect 4th line has a blend of size, grit and speed. scoring ability isnt really a prerequisite for a solid 4th line. but being a sloth should disqualify you immediately.

then theres torts who plays his top 2 lines over and over rendering those players tired and useless by the 3rd period and his 3rd line plays late in games when we need a tying goal ?

the torts system

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