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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
* When has anyone going through a slump not "needed to play better"?

* Other than Hunter's brief tenure, when has this organization ever had an answer aside from "play better" or "work harder"? Guess what, there's 29 other teams striving to "play better" and "work harder". That alone won't come close to cutting it.

All this does is put the spotlight squarely on Ovi and not the fact that we have a frankenteam assembled by a blind 5 year old. Which is probably exactly what Leonsis was trying to do here.
hmmm....a blind 5 year old eh? now that adds to the discourse. LOL. whats the point in responding.

ovechkin's slump. slumps last 20 games. this is not a slump. ovechkin hasnt been 50 goal ov or anything like it now into the third season in a row. its beyond a slump and the trajectory of his production is still sliding.

i am fairly confident that the caps have offered ovechkin a wide variety of coaching and mentoring. they have offered him numerous specifics of how he can change what he is doing. some coaches have actually changed his position. as a general rules this details remain in house.

do you think that boudreau wasnt coaching ov and suggesting changes to his game? demanding changes to his game? its pretty clear to me that hunter demanded changes and when he didnt get them, he changed the way he used the player.

or are you suggesting that hunter didnt coach ov to change and just decided to bench him with a lead?

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