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01-31-2013, 12:39 PM
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Does anybody want to take a stab at positions for OHL cup? Who makes it through play offs, who gets wild cards? What leagues deserve wild cards? I don't know all of the details regarding it, but this is a basic assumption of mine:

GTHL (Champs and finalists): Marlies, Rebels

OMHA (Kind of confused on how many teams from SCTA and ETA come out of this): Oakville, YSE

ODMHA: Ottawa Sens, Eastern Ontario (although I think there are far better teams)

Alliance: EMC, Waterloo/HP (Windsor and HP will be tight, and Kitch looks to upset London Gold, along with Waterloo over SC... interesting play offs)

NOHA: Representative could be stronger this year with Speers, and Lizotte as two top end prospects

USA Teams: TPH and whoever else, unsure of US teams

GTHL- Jr. C's and Red Wings with high end prospects, at least one if not both claim wild cards. Titans may get look for Timpano, Flyers as well (not for Lafontaine).
OMHA- Whitby, Barrie, STA, all have possibilities of claiming wild card spots. Strong goaltending on all teams, offensive talent with good shut down games.
ODMHA- I don't see any teams gaining wild card spots, with closest being Upper Canada
Alliance- Strong performers this year. If upsets occur, there are HP, Sun County, and Gold all possible wild card considerations. I see two wild cards going to this league.

Twenty Teams: Marlies, Rebs, Jr. C's, Red Wings, Oakville, YSE, Ott Sens, EO Wild, EMC, Waterloo, TPH, (other USA), NOHA, Barrie, STA, London Gold, Huron Perth, Upper Canada, two of: Sun County/Toronto Titans/Whitby

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