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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Explain why Seattle was passed over in every other expansion bid, I think people are way too optimistic about Seattle, sure it is a wealthy city that may afford a lot of corporate support but I wonder if they are really into hockey. Sure Seattle may have greater potential, the city is 5 times as big, but there are 8 million hockey fans in the province of Quebec. A team in Seattle will be the 5th team in that city, NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS followed by the NHL.
One major reason they were "passed over" was lack of a suitable arena. They are building an arena with the idea of luring an NHL team to play alongside an nba team. To me this affirms their desire to acquire a team. I also don't think city council would fund it, if there wasn't support from the populous (unlike Glendale, I think most city council have the ability to use their brains.)

I don't buy counting the whole province as potential Nordiques fans. The majority of that province supports the Habs, to think those people who have been Habs fans for decades will switch is silly to me.

It may be fifth to arrive but I think it can be third most popular, behind the Seahawks and the sonics. I also don't think a market that size and that wealthy would struggle supporting all five.

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