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Originally Posted by OnMyOwn View Post
I don't want to waste another prime year of sid and geno. And that's what this year will be if he's still here.

We won the cup in 09 and have had extremely early exits 3 straight years since...including being up 3-1 on TB and collapsing. The guy gets outcoached, and that's his only coach, not be a best friend. You can be likable without being buddy buddy with your players.
I'm ready to can him on account of the disaster that was the last few weeks of 2012, our embarrassing play so far this year, and some of the stupid little coaching mistakes over the years that have left me scratching my head in disbelief. The 2010 and 2011 playoffs have nothing to do with why he's getting to the end of my rope. We ran into a hot goalie in 2010 (only thing that upset me there was game 7...I was so certain that we'd crush the Habs that I worked the night of our last game in the Igloo) and we were playing a ******* offensive powerhouse with Jordan Staal as our first line centre in 2011. I no more blame Bylsma for any of that than I blame Scottie Bowman for what happened in 1993. 2012 was a different beast altogether. We were ****ing pathetic in some of those late season games and that whole playoff series was my biggest let down as a Penguins fan since the aforementioned 1993 series against the Islanders. Now we did get screwed with our playoff match up because of the idiosyncracies of the NHL's divisional ranking system (Why do we get Philly while Jersey gets Florida? ********!), such that a loss in a closely fought series would have been forgivable, but our play in that series was so pathetic that I am unable to forgive the coaching staff for that whole mess.

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