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01-31-2013, 01:52 PM
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The Avs have a decent set of forwards when healthy. The line of Landeskog, O'Reilly, and Downie was a great luxury last season. Obviously right now all three are sitting out for various reasons, and it is of course extremely noticeable. However, a top nine consisting of Duchene, Parenteau, Landeskog, Stastny, Jones, McGinn, Mitchell, Hejduk, Downie, and sometimes O'Reilly is in my mind pretty good. Jones is heavily overpaid, but he can get you a couple of goals in a 6-2 type victory (as rare as those are), but seemingly he'll never score in a close game. Stastny is overpaid, but I still consider him a good setup centerman. Hejduk is getting older but still has a great shot. The problem is he can never get in position to get a shot off. Mitchell is a pleasant surprise, he plays Tortorella type energy shifts, but Sacco will soon wreck that. Amazing how a hardworking 4th liner can look good when you compare him to Sacco's terrible existing system. O'Reilly is a punk and Lacroix will probably never allow Sherman to sign him after this charade. McLeod can provide a rare spark, but his frustration (at least he cares) usually outweighs this and results in dumb penalties. Bordeleau and Olver are simply not NHL players.

The defense is laughable, and this is partly the fault of Sherman and partly the fault of Sacco. Sacco doesn't have much to work with, but the fact that he uses Hunwick at all is incomprehensible. Hunwick is nothing more than an overpaid guy off the street that wears an NHL jersey. He adds absolutely nothing to the team. He can't hit, he is constantly out of position, his gap control is off, and he hasn't even shown anything offensively in recent memory. Hejda is good, Johnson is good but very good when he plays with a chip on his shoulder. O'Byrne has some rare physical games but is mostly mediocre. Zanon has a sweet beard but should only be used as a number 7 or even 8. Barrie needs to have a better partner to develop. O'Brien seems like a good guy to have around (though I've never been in the room) but helps the team most as a healthy scratch.

No complaints about Varlamov or Giguere. They're an excellent tandem. Varlamov needs a better team to stay more confident, though. When the Avs play like they deserve to win, he is excellent.

It absolutely boggles my mind how Sacco has a job as a head coach in the NHL. He has completely lost the attention of the players, or at least, I hope he has, as I can't conceivably see any coach intentionally telling his team to play so uninspired. He has no clue who is even on his roster. He has the ultimate dart board lineup. He has no set plays, he thinks 3-4 is a good record, and he is out coached almost every single game. It absolutely blows my mind that he hasn't been fired. I've had coaches is junior that are far, far superior to him. I don't personally know if the players even like him, but both Craig Anderson and Kyle Quincey seemed to be very bitter towards him and were happy to leave. I think both of these players seem like amateur whiners, but where there is smoke, there is fire. Even a good team guy like Galiardi seemed happy to leave. When's the next bag skate?

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