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01-31-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthShore91 View Post
Went there for a Nets game right before I went back to school and here are my thoughts.
Like: -First impression is that it's shiny and new, especially the concourse and the bathrooms.
-Taking the train was nice, but it takes a lot longer for a kid from Bay Shore to get all the way to Brooklyn as opposed to the Coli.
-The concessions were nice and so was the bar crawling I did after the game.

No Like: While shiny and new, the place lacks any character whatsoever, maybe that will change, but to me it was just dark and grey. Very weird feeling.
-Hate, HATE the sight-lines. Sat almost last row and it was SO steep. I often get last row seats at the Coliseum, and have sat towards the top at other NHL Arenas and this was certainly the worst.
-The acoustics were also really really weird, the place seemed quiet and you could hear everything going on, on the floor.

It definitely is going to change the team's identity and that's what I hate the most. Going from Nassau and Suffolk to the Rag$ backyard is just something we will have to deal with though. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but with the team playing well, it's certainly better then Seattle/Quebec/Markham. I'm also extremely concerned about the fact that it's only going to be 14,500 seats and the black curtains that will cover the lower bowl. I'm have hated the move ever since it was announced, going there didn't change my thoughts, but like I said, better then a full move somewhere else, and I suppose I can accept that.
I will answer to your points about the steepness and the acoustics.

As for the steepness, yes. It is VERY steep. But I actually like it. I prefer that as opposed to spread out and sprawling like MSG. And while the last row is a lot higher than the coliseum, I have sat in the last row at both Wachovia and Prudential and both those were higher than Barclay's.

As for the acoustics, I have been there for 3 Nets games this year and the place rarely got loud. But that's a basketball crowd. Hockey crowds are MUCH different. It's like night and day. When you score 95+ points in a game people aren't going to go crazy with each basket. Add to the fact the Nets were up big every game I have been to leading to easy wins/zero drama I expected a tame crowd. But with the place being as small and compact as it is, I could imagine it will get plenty loud when the Isles score a goal. You really can't compare a hockey crowd with a basketball crowd.

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