Thread: Speculation: Nino seeking trade?
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01-31-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
I think it all depends on the quality of player though. Let's just say that John Tavares was a high maintenance diva type. You deal with it because he's one of the 20 best players in the world. If Andrew MacDonald is a diva, you tell him to shape up or take a hike.

How good will Nino be? Who knows. He certainly has the potential to turn himself into an NHL all star. if he does that, then you live with the nonsense.
I feel that the high maintenance diva stuff divides locker room and your better off moving players that exhibit such behavior, even if they're as good as JT. A single great player doesn't win anything, only great teams do and teams only become great when everyone works together, knows their role and executes it. The diva stuff only acts as a distraction and its hardly worth putting up with as it rarely pays dividends.

Maybe im being overly critical here, but I honesly have never seen a 20yo prove so little, yet have the brass set to demand a trade simply because he was a top 5 pick. Did Hickey demand a trade? There are countless examples of players handled much worse than he, waited much longer to get their shot, yet never complained or demaned a trade.

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