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01-31-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
And how did they get all of the other guys that put them over the top? They had to trade for them.

We have the best prospect pool in the game. It's not as if Dale is ignoring the draft, and such a trade wouldn't really change anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be Bobby Ryan either. It could be any forward who's the right fit. And if there is no right fit then we just continue with the plan.
All I'm saying is, if we can take a chance on a scoring line player who would make a difference, I think now (by now, I mean before next year begins) is a great time to do it. I think our core is pretty good even if it doesn't seem that way right now.
The best prospect pool in the NHL is somewhat of a fallacy. We have an excellent group of NHL prospects, but it isn't definitely the best, and as development will show time and time again, the majority will fail.

Howden, Markstrom, Bjugstad, Petrovic, Grimaldi aren't all as special as some would lead to believe. Very good prospects, but i think maybe 1/2 will be an impact player.

Secondly, you don't trade a Top 5 pick for Bobby Ryan. Not in this draft. Certianly not combined with a player like Kulikov. All 5 elite Forwards in this draft are relatively close to the NHL. All 5 project to be excellent productive forwards. Certainly not interested in adding a significant piece such as Kulikov along with those for Ryan.

Jones is an elite prospect. Whereas i had and still do have a suspicion that Gudbranson was a definite reach at #3, Jones is the total package. I'd prefer a Forward, for obvious reasons, however Jones will be pretty hard to pass up if he's available whatever spot you are selecting at.

My preference marginally would be for Mackinnon. Largely because he's more overtly dynamic than the others. But it's close. I'd be extremely happy with Drouin, Barkov or Lindholm (and Monahan too although i think he's definitely below these 3). I think it's the top tier is 6 deep, and i'd be happy with all of them right now.

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