Thread: Value of: PK Subban to Oilers or Wings
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01-31-2013, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
Not sure why people are coming down on a player wanting to get paid. NHL and NHL franchise owners held out for how many months so they can shove more money in their pockets. They also held out in 2004 for an entire year because they wanted more money to shove in their pockets.

Subban didn't shut down the entire NHL that fans enjoy, owners do... but that is okay /facepalm


Using your analogy, every player on about 25 other teams should DEMAND trades and not re-sign with their respective team because the owners were "pro" lockout. That means about 5 franchises players should flock to because the owners didn't want the "holdout" for more money...

If I remember correctly, the Oilers were "pro" lockout, that means every player on the Oilers should RUN because the ownership is "money wanting attitude" not worth players bleeding for.
Money wanting as in, If he's long waiting with a team he does want to play for, whats he gonna do when its with a trade he got sent too? Every play deserves what they are worth and maybe sometimes get a overpayment. But, 40 point D-man who people are saying caved to the GMs offer, I just don't think loosing one of the 4 guys thats make up a franchise right now is worth that kind of drama.

Originally Posted by loadie View Post
That's rich. All professional athletes want their money. In PK's situation, is was supposedly more to do with term.
Term of dollars too. Sometimes most years equal to more dollars to stay. My point is it's too "risky" right now.

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