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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Should get at least a year, IMO. Wish the DUI laws were more strict.

I have a friend, and she has racked up 3 within 5 years. Hasn't seen a single day in a prison or anything. In fact, she knew the person who had to sign off on her community service hours and didn't actually do a single hour of work, and they just forged them all for her.

Hell, also have another friend that got popped... cop didn't show up to court date, charges dropped like it never happened.
My uncle got over three years in jail. Still is serving. However, he totally deserved his. He certainly had quite a few. He got his license taken away. He went out drinking with a friend. She was "more drunk" than he was, so she had him drive them home. No license, someone else's car, and being over the legal limit on top of his other DUIs got him a tough, but again, deserved, sentence.

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