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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
Dude you really make me laugh.

Look I understand you are all giddy the Isles are moving to Brooklyn. I understand that your arm is sore form patting yourself on the back for predicting the move, I get all that, but the way you defend Brooklyn makes one think you might be on the payroll.

I am not now, nor have I ever "defended" NVMC. Do I like the place? I do, but I am realistic enough to know that they are moving and that's that. I am also realistic enough to know that just a move does nothing to improve this team, it's play or it's chances of signing players.

You come out with these assine statements, backed up by nothing, trying over and over to validate their decision to move. Your statement about the "many" accidents you have seen on roadways surrounding the NVMC is laughable and the fact that you summize they can all be traced back to drunk fans coming from a NYI game is even funnier. FWIW you should also read what i said before you try to respond because I never said there's never ever ever been 1 instance of a drunk driver causing an accident after a NYI game at NVMC since 1972. What I said was I have never seen one tied directly back to a NYI game.

Being a fair guy, I took the time to go back through roughly 4 years of Newsday articles involving DWI accidents and you know what? Not a single one said anything about the accident involving fans coming from a NYI game, none. Am I disputing that you may see an accident on your way home? No, but to tie that to the game is ludicris. If you want to prove me wrong, I invite you to provide a link, just some factual evidence, backing up your claim and I will be the first to say you were right.

With regards to the NYR/Philly fans, again you miss the point. In my years of working with management at NVMC, I have first hand knowledge that PARKING LOT incidents tic up when there are Ranger and Flyer games. This is mostly due to the influx of opposing fans and when you get that element and mix in a little beer things happen. Is this to say incidents do not happen when the Rangers or Flyers are not here? No, but the number of incident pale in comparison. You cannot even factor in this aspect in comparing the two locations because there is no parking at Barclay's so the opportunity to drink and get into arguments/fights with others is greatly diminished. There is no place around Barclays to tailgate so that eliminates the issue. It's apples and oranges.

In an article released today it shows that crime around Barclays has been minmal thus far and that's a good thing for everyone.

Next time you want to just spew crap for the sake of spewing crap, please think twice or back it up with factual evidence. Otherwise you are just wasting everyone's time.
Hey Mr. Defensive/Denial, you don't know what I've seen or what's fact so grow up. In fact I did see an accident right on the ramp to the Meadowbrook right after a game. Maybe the drunks left before it was reported. Ask my lawyer buddy I shared STH's with as he saw it too as well as others. Since you NEED to.

Unless you see something, or it's written to your agreement and can have it "proved" you don't believe ANYTHING. Pathetic and childish. You don't think the seats will be full in Barclay's, you don't think revenues there will increase enough to matter and if there is revenue you don't think it will be spent on NYI because you're gloom blind. You thinking accidents don't happen because they can't be tied to drunks leaving NVMC is the funniest crap I've read in a long time. We all know it happens. "Proof" or not. That this is your main point is ridiculous.

Defending Brooklyn? I said I've seen more accidents from drunks leaving NVMC than I can imagine people being mugged at Barclay's after events. With all the cops at BK and your own posted article looks like I'm right. Guilty.

Validate their decision to move? LOL Priceless. They don't need me to do that, nassore's pathetic politicians and weak fan/citizen voter support did that.

Just saying above that you think drunks on a train are as dangerous as drunks driving cars is a joke. Look up how many drunk driving accidents vs drunk people on train incidents there are Perry Mason.

A poster said last week you just like to start arguments for no reason and here you go again. You are truly out there. Got anything better to add or just have time to waste posting semantic, trivial delusional, defensive denial?

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