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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
Sorry, despite OVs obvious physical gifts as a hockey player I don't think anyone holds the guy accountable as the highest payed player on the team and the guy with the C on his chest. In times when the team struggles OV should be the hardest working player on the ice, every shift, leading by example on how to work out whatever funk the team is in at the time. But I haven't seen that from OV since his last suspension. It's like he has been pouting all this time.

Some have said he needs this or he needs that to help him. BS. He needs to play up to his established potential. If he does that he not only lifts the play of the guys on his line, but lifts the entire team to another level of competition. Dare say a Cup level of competition.

But no, he should be treated with kid gloves for fear his feeling will be hurt. **** that. The Caps play like their C. Tuesday was a prime example. 2 periods of good hockey followed by 1 period of OV like coasting and a loss. As I said in that game thread, I don't think the Caps have ever played 3 solid periods of hockey with OV on the team. That is not an accident, IMO.
It's not about "kid gloves" or whatever. If Fat Teddy called you out after all this time would you respond positively? No, you'd tell him to go **** himself. Any of us would.

If you're the caps front office, Ovechkin is a means to an end. An expensive instrument that is extremely potent when it's working. You don't yell at your Corvette when it starts to sputter. You figure out what the hell you need to do to get it working and you do it. Tough love or kid gloves, who the hell cares. Whatever you need it to be you do it.

Ovechkin has been playing balls to the wall for this franchise for 6 years. He has gotten no help from the management. Management directly said that they'd rather have the window be open for 10 years rather than make a run, as if Ovechkin can easily keep playing at a more pumped level than anyone else in the league for so long. How would that make you feel as a player? I'd be pissed the **** off, especially watching other teams getting past us year after year and knowing all the eyes are on me. Everyone else gets help, you don't, and you're the goat any time any of your teams doesn't win everything. Now your friend and coincidentally the only other sniper on the roster is traded away. All the wingers aside from you are of reclamation projects and 3rd liners. Is Chimera-Ribeiro-Ward a line that any sane Coach/GM would put together after trading for Ribeiro? There's have 7 million in cap space sitting on defense. Erskine is on your team's 2nd pairing, Schultz is on the 3rd. But hey, as long as you play super duper hard the team will go all the way cause you're Ovechkin. And remember, if they don't, it's YOUR fault. Not McPhee's, not anyone else's, yours.

Didn't get it going after 2 games, despite coming straight from a league where you played at a high level after taking a bit of time to get going? Have fun playing with Beagle and Crabb. WHY OH WHY AREN'T YOU ENTHUSIASTIC?

It may sound like I'm the LEAVE OVECHKIN ALONE guy, but this is merely how he perceives things and how anyone would perceive them in his place. If you work based off of that, you can turn him around while actually building a team that doesn't rely on a pair of superstars playing elite to get as far as the 2nd round of the playoffs. If we take your approach, have fun trading him for a used hotdog and wondering why in god's name everyone didn't get the same boost they were supposed to get when Semin left.

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