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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
You don't have to be a cheater to have a breakout season like Gonzalez. Let's give a player the benefit of the doubt before we start the witchhunt. After all, in a democracy, you are presumed innocent before proven guilty.
Of course..but it's tough to believe him when you look at the story. Gio's father claims he went to the clinic to lose weight, well it's a bit suspicious that he ended up at a clinic that is apparently known for giving out steroids.

"According to the report, the former secretary for Biogenesis said there shouldn't be any question as to what athletes were looking for from Bosch."

"He sold HGH and steroids," the person said, according to the New Times. "Everyone who worked there knew that was what our business was."

I'd honestly rather have PED's be legal, Sosa/Bonds/McGuire etc hitting ridiculous bombs game after game was the funnest baseball has been in recent memory. People act like it's not fair because it isn't 'natural' and players back in the day didn't have this option, but there are numerous other advantages players have now that weren't available to players back then. For example, many players now use specialized contact lenses that give them vision much better than 20/20, I don't see people complaining about these advantages. Also, aren't cortisone shots basically a type of steroid? Players get these shots all the time and are able to play through injuries.

I can see the argument that it wouldn't be fair because many players wouldn't take PED's even if they were legal due to side effects, which is a fair argument.

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