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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
hmmm....a blind 5 year old eh? now that adds to the discourse. LOL. whats the point in responding.

ovechkin's slump. slumps last 20 games. this is not a slump. ovechkin hasnt been 50 goal ov or anything like it now into the third season in a row. its beyond a slump and the trajectory of his production is still sliding.

i am fairly confident that the caps have offered ovechkin a wide variety of coaching and mentoring. they have offered him numerous specifics of how he can change what he is doing. some coaches have actually changed his position. as a general rules this details remain in house.

do you think that boudreau wasnt coaching ov and suggesting changes to his game? demanding changes to his game? its pretty clear to me that hunter demanded changes and when he didnt get them, he changed the way he used the player.

or are you suggesting that hunter didnt coach ov to change and just decided to bench him with a lead?
You're right, even a blind 5 year old probably knows that you need more than one player who knows what a wrist shot is when you're trying to go for a cup.

I'd bet just about anything they haven't offered much beyond "WORK HARDER!". Our management is ridiculously tone deaf. Just about every player leaving the team has had a bad taste in his mouth for one reason or another. The roster for this glorious year 7 of the rebuild is all I need to know.

I don't think you understand the difference between a slump and a regression. What he has right now is a slump. What he's become as a player is regression. Ovechkin in a regression is a guy who is 5th in the league in goals in a bad year and really a 40-45g 40-45a player on a good team. That's what he would have been last year had we had Backstrom not been injured and had Johansson not been unable to finish anything, give or take. That's the player he was in Moscow. That's probably the player he is now on say the Sharks or the Flyers or some well run team.

Hunter didn't let Ovechkin, or anyone else score empty net goals. Does that say more about Ovechkin or Hunter? He had a system. He needed everyone to be on completely the same page. Easiest way to get everyone on the same page is to have them play super defensively. It's much easier to stop offensive plays than to execute them. One requires skill and coordination, one requires crude interference and swiping at someone's stick while they're trying to stickhandle. And if you remember, Hunter put Ovechkin on a throwaway kamikaze line and it was pretty much Ovechkin vs the Bruins in terms of physical play, and Ovechkin held his own. He did more to wear down Chara and Seidenberg than everyone else combined. Then in the next series he actually got a fair amount of offense going against Lundqvist all things considered. Yeah, he's no Brooks Laich or Jay Beagle when it comes to being an all situations player. And I'd take Ovechkin over 10 Laich's or Beagle's anyday. Apparently for Mafki it's the other way around.

Having him cheat on D, screen the goalie, throwing him on RW, etc are all gimmicks, not "changes to his game". There's things he's clearly good at, and things he clearly isn't. But the things he's good at he's so good at that you can build a whole line around them. Much like the Flyers do in the playoffs with Briere.

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