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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think you are really underrating Dan Boyle circa 2003-04. The guy was a pretty solid and legit #1 defenseman. Right now I wouldn't consider him a #1, but Dan Boyle in his prime was very much a #1 defenseman. Gonchar I can understand your argument, but I never mentioend Kris Letang anywhere in my post.

Ray Borque may have been old, but he put up 59 points in the regular season and 10 in the postseason, and was very much still a top defender. And yes, they won without him, but I don't see how a Stanley Cup from five years earlier negates the fact that Borque was a #1 defender. That Cup they won in 96 they really didn't have the true #1 that I am talking about so you can add that to the small list of teams without a true #1, but that 96 Cup doesn't change anything about the 2001 Cup.

You are absolutely right you can win without a true #1 defenseman or without a stud goalie. The problem is those are the exceptions, not the rules. Look back from 2012 to 1992 at the Cup winners. The only teams I can see without a legit #1 in those 20 years are the Canes, the Pens I'll give you, the Avs in '96, and maybe the Canadiens in 1993 (depending on how you feel about a young Eric Desjardins). So that is four teams without a legit #1 in the last 20 years (and this doesn't even take into account how the game has changed over the last 20 years). Yes it is possible to win without a true #1, I agree completely. But, as I said in my initial post, a true #1 is not a guarantee that you will win a Cup, but it looks like not having one is the exception, not the rule.

That really is not relevant to the discussion of whether or not a legit #1 defenseman is needed for a Cup win.

your right and it's not matter of having the best defensemen in world, it's matter of what the defensemen can do for your team besides play defense, pronger made this team better not because of defense but he was an offensive threat, which the flyers dont have, which is hurting the offense right now.

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