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01-31-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by pegcity View Post
The problem with your analysis is all penalties are equal and all turnovers are equal. Ladd makes more bad noticeable mistakes than any other forward which is unfortunate because he's the captain.

I get that he has a great shot and sometimes does great things on the ice however it's countered by his half dazed mistakes. They seriously need to put smelling salts on the bench to wake him up.
True that not all are equal (but given enough period of time they should somewhat equal out).
But, also ones mind isn't immune to exaggerate the "unequalness".

I wasn't really defending his turnovers, just saying I'm thankful our polar opposite is on the same line as him. To be the worst on a team as a per minute rate isn't good no matter how you cut the pie.

I'll defend that his penalties are actually not as bad as people stipulate. He has less penalties, less "lazy" penalties (holding, hooking, etc), less third period penalties, less penalties when the game is close (all per minute) than some of our other players... actually Wheeler is one of the worst for "timing" of penalties. IC did a thing on it but I didn't like how they didn't make it "per minute".

We have to remember that the top line had way more TOI, ESPECIALLY in those "clutch" minutes because that's when you put out the top line. The "clutch", or more importantly importance, of those minutes is also psychologically going to weight those moments more in a fans mind.

No matter how you cut it though, Ladd has weaknesses like every other player in the NHL. No one is perfect. There are top6 guys worse and better than Ladd in scoring, penalties, and giveaways. The results and your ability to create those results are what makes someone a legit top6 guy and, IMO results-wise, Ladd and Kane are exactly what you'd want in your two top6 LWers. One that can dominate scoring, and one that can create secondary scoring while fighting off tough match-ups. We also have a great similar match in RW with Wheeler and Little. I like Jokinen and Antropov, but they aren't as "ideal" as the other two positions, but (yay two buts in one sentence) if Burmistrov and Scheifele hit close to their ceilings, they would be.

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