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01-31-2013, 02:35 PM
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^^Also Thiss^^^

I really don't understand where people are coming from when they say we aren't willing to spend. The Avs are trying to create a dynasty. You can't do that by just outbidding teams free agency. You have to make sure your spending money on the right players.

It was confirmed they made offers to both Parise and Suter last summer of around 7 million. You don't make offers like that if you aren't willing to spend. They made a nice signing with Parenteau. Our Owner has also come out and said that we are willing to spend.

People will always find something to complain about and that is really apparent on this board. Management has shown they are willing to spend. Preserving the future while actively improving the team seems to be management's strategy. So far nothing would make me think otherwise.

There's no reason not to be excited about this team. Every year Sherman's been on board they have added important pieces. If we fall to bottom five this year we are going to be getting an enormous piece towards the future. Anyone not optimistic about the Avs is being really irrational.

/end rant

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