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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
Ask yourself this...
The 3210 system is nothing new, its been around for decades in other sports... why didn't the NHL go to it?

Because they were trying to change the culture of the game at the end of them because coaches/teams were too conservative in not wanting to give the other team 2 points and risk 0. They were more than content with ties. Ties =/= getting fired or missing the playoffs... losing = getting fired or missing the playoffs.

As much as people like to think and dream that teams will now go ALL OUT for the BIG 3 pts in regulation... i can assure based on the history and business of the sport, it will be more OFTEN along the lines of "We better not drop 3 pts to this team and walk away with nothing! lets get the guaranteed 1 pt and take our chances at getting the bonus pt."

Teams were doing that over 2 pts ad nauseum ... imagine 3.

The NHL KNOWS this. They aren't some inept organization going blindly thru life despite what people would have you believe.

There's a reason you never hear about this from GM's or owners or Bettamn or coaches... and rarely from players. Because if was actually better for the game and would result in a superior more exciting product, it would be implemented.. yesterday.
Eh, I don't think its as simple as that the "best" system was chosen, because its the best. I think it's reasonable to assume that the 2-1-0 system was chosen, not because its the best, but because it is a smaller change than going to a 3-2-1-0 system.

Going to a shootout with overtime points keeps the balance for getting to the end of regulation tied, the SAME as it was before; 1/2 the points of a win for each side, and keeps teams having the chance to still get a full amount of points for a win, that they did during regulation.

The 3-2-1-0 changes the way the game is played; as soon as the game goes to OT, your team effectively loses the opportunity to get full points, regardless of the outcome of the OT/Shootout. So, it does in fact, incentivize your team to compete harder to win in regulation, because you LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET FULL POINTS AS SOON AS REGULATION ENDS. I don't see how that would increase the likelihood that teams stall for OT, since the 3-2-1-0 devalues overtime loss points, devalues overtime wins, and increases the value of a regulation win to more than an OT/SO win. The system is better because it makes players want to play for the regulation win, because it is more important, and makes the ends of games during the regular season more exciting.

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