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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
Maybe someone in here can enlighten and educate me.

Was reading the Coyotes board and the thread about the ownership situation. Just about everyone in there was slamming the NHL and saying how rotten the league has been about this and they don't trust them and how if they let the team leave Phoenix they're done with the league/hockey/etc.

I must be missing some major facts here but what has the league done to be the bad guys in all this? Have they not had control of the team for four years now for the reason of trying to let all the political and ownership stuff take form and keep the team there? I'm really lost on all that.

I would've asked in that thread but I've gone in there in peace before and gotten completely torched and accused of trolling so wasn't about to ask there, but, I was left scratching my head. I must really be missing something.
Why don't you ask them for their opinion on Atlanta and what happened with the Thrashers vs what's going on in Glendale...

I haven't seen that thread, but that's a joke if they're seriously crying and whining about it. The NHL has owned them and taken a hit for far too long there. Sometimes you just have to admit it didn't work out, even if it's something you're passionate about and a big fan of. While it will suck for them, you have to look at it from an outsiders perspective and admit it's just not working in Glendale, and never will.

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