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01-31-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
That's the thing, he (apparently) didn't like the lack of ice time and being stuck behind Sedin and Kesler on the canucks. It may come to pass that a year or so down the road he finds himself in a similar situation with the Sabres. I'm just trying to look at it like most teams seem to look at have four young center all under the age of 24. Two of them are not big. Two are 6' 3". The big guys aren't going to be moved to the wing unless the Sabres go against traditional thinking. So let's say Ennis moves to the wing. You still need Hodgson to be on the top 2 lines IF his defense remains sub-par. If Grig and Girg are developing into better all round players they are going to win those spots. It leaves Cody SOL if he can't play the wing (so far he can't).

To be sure, there are a lot of "ifs" in the scenario but those ifs are not really dependent on whether Hodgson can provide offense. That is almost a surety. They are dependent on the aspects he struggles with. He needs to address them. Because you have to think the Sabres are salivating at the thought of rebuilding center ice around Grig and Girg. I think most teams would be. If that center ice rebuild happens I find it hard to find a place for a defensively sub-par Hodgson.

Personally, I like the kind of player Hodgson could become (who wouldn't?). He's talented. I really do wish him the best but an undersized, slower center is a hard road to go down in the NHL. Heck, talented power forward is just as hard if not harder but the canucks needed that aspect in the system and Hodgson was the choice to go (especially if he really was annoying the organization).

They'll just push Ennis to wing, even if he would be a better centre than Hodgson. I don't think it's as dire a situation forcing Hodgson off the team, but they would be more attentive to offers should any good ones come their way.

He's fine as long as they are OK with pushing Ennis to the wing. Otherwise, they'll treat him like Roy and deal for a weakness.

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