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01-31-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by legionista View Post
Regionally the only other arena would be Hala Olivia, which is condemned last I heard due to a risk of roof collapse.
Having hockey in the north of Poland I believe is strategic to attract more people from Russia (Kaliningrad area), and to try to have the people of the Tri-City area (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) to eventually become big supporters. Only thing is people from Russia cannot freely travel to Poland w/ out visas, Russia is not within the Schengen Zone.
I think it would make more sense to have a team in the south of Poland where there is much more interest in hockey, and more accessible to other nations which can freely cross the border such as Slovakia, Czech, Hungary.
Actually, Kaliningrad Oblast citizens and citiziens of a couple of Polish 'powiat' (I guess it's best translated into English as 'county') which lay near the Polish-Russian border can now cross the border without a normal visa but cannot cross the borders of those counties or the Kaliningrad Oblast. The only thing you need is some kind of permission, don't remember where you go to get it. Gdansk Powiat is also a part of that zone and you can see a lot of Russian license plates these days, especially on weekends (I live nearby Gdansk, though sadly far enough not to be included in that zone).

I'd love to see a KHL club in Gdansk and I'd definitely try to attend at least some of the games as I have only a half-an-hour drive to the arena. Seeing what happened with hockey in Gdansk in the last couple of years I hope that this is an entirely new project, started from scratch and that none of the people who run the old Stoczniowiec club are involved. I had attended the last Stoczniowiec home game, I had also seen in person the fans put the club owner into a wheel-barrow and drive him out of the arena, I hope we don't have to see **** like this again.

This is how the arena looked after one of the last home games. This is however not the arena the new club is planning to play in.

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