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01-31-2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Zippy316 View Post
Isn't it a little too quick?

I mean the money is very cheap, but what has he played five or six NHL games?
18 NHL games, but your point remains.

However, the Islanders look set to keep him in the top 4 all season long, and if he plays the full season in the top 4 (even with the shortened season), he'd likely be looking for more than bottom pairing money. Locking him up now allows the team to pay him like a bottom pairing Dman for the next few seasons. Which means, if all he turns out to be is a bottom pairing guy, then the contract is fine, and if he turns out to be a legit top 4 guy, it becomes a great deal. Even if he only becomes a #7, he'd be overpaid by maybe 100k, which is pretty much nothing in terms of NHL payrolls.

Absolute worst case scenario, his play drops off so far that he needs to be bought out this summer, which would mean we have to pay him about $260k for 6 years, which is still pretty negligible. Even with the small sample size, the risk of that seems rather low, and I can definitely understand the Islanders being comfortable with that risk.

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