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Having just re-read (and listened to a couple of audiobook versions) of Beowulf - I decided to read/listen to a couple of literary adaptations.

A first-person retelling of the Beowulf story (or at least the first part of it) told from the point of view of Grendel - an almost genteel existentialist monster observing the human condition.

If you've read (and/or are familiar with Beowulf): 8/10

If not: 6/10

The unabridged audiobook version (narrated by George Guidall) is quite good - first person narratives adapt particularly well to the audiobook format.

Michael Crichton's purported presentation of the 10th century first person account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan, an ambassador from the Caliph of Baghdad to the King of the Volga Bulgars. The beginning of the book is based on the real report of ibn Fadlan, who traveled up to what is now western Russia, including an encounter with Viking traders. Crichton's fictional ibn Fadlan then accompanies a band of Northmen, providing a first person account of what turns into parts of the Beowulf story.

While the writing style is a bit stilted, Crichton is still a very good storyteller - 7/10.

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