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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I won't argue your theory, but i would have also assumed they may have wanted to see how Cory handled the sarters role. I don't think Luongo playing well for 10 games is going to change the market, it isn't like he hasn't been consistantly good. Now other goalies faltering...maybe.
Ya, my point is (and was) that there was going to be a story out of Vancouver anyways... Either Luongo plays really well (and gets more starts), or Luongo doesn't play really well and gets less starts (or, plays as expected... thus, plays as scheduled)...

Given the three story scenarios, force the best story you can... Give Luongo a whole bunch of starts... Then, while he's playing well... Put Schneider in (he'll play well too, IMHO)... Trade deadline is only a couple months away... Playoffs soon after that...

Lots of time to get Schneider prepared for #1 going into the playoffs... Luongo needs to leave on a positive note (setting up the narrative)... Having Luongo on the way out having (unfair narrative, IMHO) playing poorly against LA last playoffs doesn't help Luongo's value... How much doesn't it help? Probably not much... But it's there... It's a selling point... Luongo deserves to be a starter on one of the best teams in the league (given the reality of the season)... Better than if he doesn't deserve to be a starter on one of the best teams in the league (given the reality of the season)...

Bottomline for me... Both are excellent goaltenders... Stories are going to come out of Vancouver anyways... Right now, make the story positive about Luongo... Then story positive about Schneider... Luongo being really deserving to get the starts as well though... It's the best out of all stories there can be... It's not about changing the market... It's about guiding the story (which is going to be there anyways)... A positive perception about Luongo being a "back up" while fully deserving as being the starter can only help (how much it can help, probably not a heck of a lot in reality)... But the story is going to be there anyways... Gillis admitted that Hodgson was set-up (put in a position to be seen as valuable) in January and February last season because he was going to be traded... Same thing here, IMHO... Luongo is being put into a position to be seen as real valuable to the Canucks...

Originally Posted by kack zassian View Post
Yeah but is that bit of an upgrade in the bottom 6 be worth moving Lu for?

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