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01-31-2013, 04:06 PM
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If you're in the middle of a row, you can expect a lot of *******s shouting at you to wait for a whistle, when that's exactly what you did.

First off, I definitely agree that it may be tough(depending where your seats are) to make it back to your seats after a quick whistle and before they drop the puck on an ensuing faceoff..There's just too many rows and seats in those rows respectively but you can tell by the flood of people making their way up the rows carrying beers, food etc., once a stoppage occurs that they did in fact wait for a whistle..
To play devils advocate, however; if you don't know or care about hockey etiquette and have no problem interrupting and ruining someone's enjoyment of the game by standing during continuous play I have an issue with that..also, if a person can't hold a piss or their impulse need to make a beer run during continuous play and have no problems getting up and ruining views or inconveniencing others than I have no problem telling them to wait for a whistle..they've made seating almost idiot proof as well, a sign outside each exit stating section and seating for that respective exit-people still can't read letters and numbers and walk around good thing is with the angle of the seats of the upper bowl, a person getting up won't inconvenience everyone sitting behind them..

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