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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
Not sure how to break tis into to mulitple quotes and really don't care to.

So let me understand, you saw an accident in the vicinity of NVMC after a game and jumped to the conclusion that one or both of the drivers involved were drunk? This brilliant deduction came to you how? Did you get out of your car and test them? Did you interrogate them? Did you smell alcohol on their breath? Or maybe you are just trying to create some credibility to an asinine statement? Pehaps, and I know this may be hard for you to grasp, but just work with me here, perhaps the accident you saw on the ramp was caused by two cars merging at the same time? Or someone not paying attention to the road? Talking on the phone? Shall I keep going?

I have been proven wrong many times on this board and always admit when i am so no issues there. Had I come on here and stated that I have seen many muggings and thefts outside the Barclay's center you would have flown off the handle and questioned how I came up with the statement. You would have wanted the same facts to back it up as I do.

I base my reasoning on an owner who talks about spending but not backing it up. I base it on being moved to an arena not designed for the sport which will be shoe horned into it. The revenue projections, while rosy, are just that projections or in simple terms, guesses.

There is an old term called RFI. Perhaps you have heard it perhaps not. It's called Reading Is Fundamental. I am not sure your issue is that or lack of reading comprehension. So much of what you are arguing is not even what I said, twisted by you to make it appear so but not. I never said accidents don't happen. They happen all the time. I did comprehend where you said accidents around the NVMC on game nights are directly due to drunks leaving the game. I am just asking you to provide some data to back up your absurd claim. The fact you can't or won't tells me all I need to know.

Admit it or not, no one on this board defends Brooklyn more than you and hey I am sure your folks are proud that you called the move and even almost nailed the date before it happened. Here's a gold star. You don't have to keep validating yourself. Once again had you taken the time to read or comprehend, right after I posted the link with the article I did say it was a good thing for all, but just minor details I know.

RIF, again not what I said. To repeat myself and so hopefully you understand this time, what I said was that having drunks confined in a crowded train can lead to altercations. Never did I compare them to drunk drivers.

I would enjoy debating the issue with you however I now realize you have nothing to bring to the table but dribble that you make up. Your issue is that you do not like being called out. You want to post and have it accepted as gospel and end of story.

I do realize that you need to have me believe that your accident theory has some legs so I'm gonna let you believe that. After you are again done patting yourself on your back, your unicorn is being tended outside by a leprechan and they are waiting to take you to see Peter in never neverland.

Your original post makes as much sense as saying Pedro going to the Mets caused other big time talent to sign with the team.
Jealousy will get you nowhere. blah blah blah. Prove the accident. blah blah blah. That you keep harping on this shows how insecure you/your stance is. Here come the insults ie reading/comprehension as predicted because you know I'm the best predictor here. Drop the act, you're bitter NYI is leaving LI and you can't handle it. So you put down Wang, Brooklyn and many posters who think otherwise and are grateful for the move. BTW, we saw the drunks get into the car. Shall I keep going?

Nah, you're not worth it. Right from the start your assumptions were wrong thinking because I'm happy NYI is in BK because the train ride is closer for me and your ignorance was shown ignoring the potential benefits of the city over the suburbs for NYI. NYI wouldn't have moved if the revenue projections weren't better than in nassore.

If you don't think things will work out in Brooklyn or for NYI what are you doing here? Do you always follow things you think will go badly and make you miserable? And take it out on others? The other poster said you hate NYI yet here you are on an NYI message board all the time? Masochistic much?

Comprehend that.


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