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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
Didn't Phoenix just have a game where 3000 people showed up?

Regardless - in a gate driven league, consistently selling 16000 higher priced tickets (small size arenas with bigger arenas coming) will always be better than maybe averaging 12,000 (at a significantly lower price).

If the NHL was dragging its feet in this instance, it was (IMO) to reduce the overall revenues of the league going into the last CBA bargaining.

I don't buy it that the league held onto Phoenix to get a better CBA, if Kansas city wanted a team they would have one I just don't see there being that big of demand for hockey there. Moving the team to an area that isn't suitable long term to try and make a little more money now is a ****** thing to do to the fans that are in that area just wait until QC is ready and move the team there.

The only market I can see as a possibility is Seattle as they are amaerican (but close to the boarder and could draw a large crowd) and they have a half decent areana but plans to build a new one but then when QC is ready there will be major pressure on teams like Florida and Dallas to move.

Forbes also thinks it will be Seattle

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