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Originally Posted by Cant Fix Stupid View Post
So what you are saying is you believe everything you read. Because what I read was this was an accusation made by this EDA group's lawyer. What is he supposed to say his client is in the wrong? You don't make money that way.
Heres more:

But heres something on the side of the article to get back to my suspicion.

Key players
• STED: Southern Tier Economic Development Inc., owner of First Arena.
• EDA: Elmira Downtown Arena LLC, the company controlled by Michigan businessman Mostafa Afr that manages the arena by agreement with STED.
• Elm Arena LLC: A company run by local businessman Tom Freeman, a former chairman of STED, and holder of First Arena’s mortgage.
• U.S. Trustee’s Office: Part of the U.S. Department of Justice, the trustee is charged with acting as a watchdog over the bankruptcy process, for the benefit of the debtors, the creditors and the public.
1 and 3 is where my interest is at. I knew about 1 and part of 3 but the 2nd part of 3 adds new info that even more has me wondering.

I'm not a consipracy theorist but I am a man of many questions. The last 13 or so months have had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more questions than answers(hell we really still don't have any of those)

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