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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
There is too much to keep track of in here...what is Today Status on...

- Is the arena a done deal at this point? As in they're breaking ground?
- Is there anywhere (realistic) for the team to play until the arena is ready?
I live in the Seattle-Tacoma area......

They have a few arena options until the new arena is done:

1. Key arena---a big problem is in the mid 90s as a way to keep Seattle they internally gutted it changing all the seating sight lines in the stadium to a basketball only design thus it doesnt have a good capacity for hockey and poor sightlines but it can handle hockey in the short term

2. Portland rose Garden---they can do hockey games for the short term. I see a team being here permanently having some of their game in Portland.

3. They can rotate among small arenas currently used by WHL teams in Everett and Kent but these arenas are small (<10,000) and similarly they could do games in spokane as well to market the team.

4. The Tacoma dome could operate as a temporary home for hockey games. During the Key aren internal gutting it acted as home for the supersonics during this time.

In terms of building the arena----no where near breaking ground...

There are a few fights on doing the Arena by the Port authority and other groups.

the other groups have issue in public money being used with regard to city rules in place for justification of construction.

with the Port authority they are concenred the evening traffic to the Stadium area with affect the truckers and using their port. The Port is next to the current Football/baseball stadium complex. The site would be just to the South of the stadiums....still in the traffic flow area of shipping truck traffic.

The issue is since most of the schedule happens in the winter time when there is no Mariner games this shouldnt be an issue. The capcity of baseball +arena (if events happened the same night)<football game would draw. Parking isnt an issue.

The past few years a light rail line as been constructed that can alieviate some of the traffic so if they invested in some sort of Park and ride near the airport using the light rail it would lessen the traffic flow out of the stadium. There are also numerous bus lines already set up to run during events that occur here. Thus the transportation system is already in place. The light rail is just starting out where in about 10-15 years it is supposed to extend about another 10-15 north and south of where it currently runs.

During Mon-Fri night games another option they would utilize are the Sounder commuter train lines.

If Stadium couldnt be built there --whee could it be built??? there are alot of sites but universally in all sites it would cause serious traffic nightmares during evening rush hour on game days. the current stadium area can support much more in part because people traveling to a game during evening rush hour are going against evening rush hour flow for the most part. Other locations talked about would be rigt with the rush hour flow. Also, there isnt the alternate transpoertation options such as the bus system or light rail.

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