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01-31-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Kimahri View Post
He's from OKC. The took Seattles basketball team. I'm assuming they have to hear the same type of crap we had to hear from all the Winnipeg fans for so long.
Exactly. Which I would understand, EXCEPT that there is a lot of revisionist history with the Sonics-to-OKC deal. For starters, Schultz bought the team from Ackerley to keep the team in Seattle. During his ownership, all he wanted was the same deal the Seahawks and Mariners got - sweet new places to play ball. But the political leadership in Seattle (sound familiar?) went full idiot and fought against a new arena for the Sonics in any way, shape or form. They cited the renovation of the Seattle Center Colusiem (now Key Arena) as a reason why it wasn't needed, but that renovation was like gutting a house from the 1920s and putting up new drapes. Years go by and Howard gets tired of fighting the leadership. At the same time, the NBA is so pissed they facilitate a deal: Sell the Sonics to a group of OKC businessmen who literally SAVED the New Orleans Hornets post-Katrina to scare local politicos to being fair and giving the Sonics what the M's and Hawks got. The plan was to give Seattle/Washington leaders a year to get a deal. If that happened, the OKC owners would flip the franchise for a tidy profit because of a new arena would be included in the deal. The original goal was really to keep the original Sonics there with a new arena, all the while helping line the pockets of a group of men who stabilized the Hornets when Katrina came along.

The backup plan? If the idiot Seattle leadership didn't come through -- which they obviously didn't -- the NBA and other owners were OK with relocation to OKC based off the great attendance for the Hornets, a team OKC knew would never stay. OKC had a nice arena waiting and ready to go, so it was the ultimate fail-safe should Seattle blow it.

In short, Seattle blew it. The scare tactic to make Washingtonians act failed and the NBA, pissed at how the city's ORIGINAL pro franchise didn't get fair treatment compared to its NFL and MLB counterparts, allowed the move. Five years later, the OKC Thunder is a dominant team with a centerpiece player and will be competing for championships for years to come.

But people from Seattle just think the OKC group was a Snidley Whiplash that was never going to follow through. Sure, they wanted a pro team in OKC, but money talks and the Sonics were much more valuable to them in Seattle, a much bigger media market, and with a new arena, than in OKC.

Anyway, I understand fans mad about losing the Sonics, but they're intellectually dishonest about how it went down and that's why I couldn't support this franchise if it moves there. Those hypocrites would then have both my Yotes and the Kings -- stolen from other cities, just like their beloved Sonics were.

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