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01-31-2013, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
ah, wouldn't be a southernhab post without the ad hominem!
Love it. An ad hominem complaining about an ad hominem.

Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
God forbid you would ever look to place even a fraction of the blame on anybody who's taken a fighting major in his career, let alone the almighty Ryan White.

Budaj didn't have a good game, obviously - it happens. I can forgive a player having a bad game more easily than I can forgive someone mouthing off the to the ref and taking two penalties that led directly to two goals being scored against us.

If Therrien really wants to preach accountability, then White should be sitting.

White will not be the leading goal scorer for the Habs. If he is, then we are in real trouble. That is not his job.

That 4 minute penalty on White was a **** call. Everyone knows it and yet, after the game, the calls for the removal of White grow and grow.

Next, it will be Prust who gets called for a penalty where the other team scores and people will be calling for Prust to be benched. And then Moen.

It amazes me that the default mode for a lot of Habs fans is still stuck in the Gauthier era of pacifism. Do not fight back. Take it. Do not stand up for your teammates.

Two games ago, does anyone remember Desharnais standing up and getting in the face of Antropov who is twice as tall as him? Why did he do it this season and not last season?

Simple. Prust and White bring a dynamic that has been missing in Montreal for so long that it is now looked down upon as aberrant behavior...........standing up for yourself and standing up for your teammates.

The Canadiens are a better team with White in the lineup than when he is out (how soon everyone forgets the quality of play last season when White was injured ). Aggressive play is to be rewarded and encouraged, not vilified.

And no one can control what a referee calls as a penalty.

So should we become cynical and "blame" White for the loss last night and demand that he be benched? If we do, then can we call for Emelin to be benched because he took a penalty in the first period..........lost opportunity to score a goal.

And do we call for Bourque to be benched because he took two minor penalties?

The Habs did not play a good game as a team last night. And Budaj sucks ass as a goalie.

Now back to the White bashing.

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