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01-31-2013, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by SnipeShow91 View Post
How has he done an amazing job? We have 12 players in the lineup per game! UNB has more players in the stands than STU does on the ice! As an alum its rather embarassing to watch the team play with less than a minor hockey team for 60 minutes of hockey. I was watching the Dalhousie/STU game on friday and it looked like we were sucking wind out there cause we had no bodies. That alone to me dosen't make a good recruiter. He's a great coach from what my maritime players tell me at RMC, but he failed in his first summer. Picking up Groenheyde to make games 4-1 instead of 10-1 dosen't make the difference.
I agree, it is foolish to say that he has done an amazing job. Earlier in the season, they had a chance to win back some fans, in a beautiful new arena, but a lot of fans aren't coming, due to the results?
They practice with 14 bodies and this can't happen next year. I understand that some players have been weeded out, but they need depth to go along with some top end skilled players for next year. This off season will be key to the rebuild.
The rumours of packing it in are ridicules. New rink, new uniforms, I think it is BS!
This city needs the Tommie's. With 2 teams, they have the luxury of watching AUS hockey every weekend throughout the winter months. To lose one of those teams would be a huge blow and pave the way for a Q team to settle beside UNB.

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