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01-31-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by VanW27 View Post
As far as tips go, most importantly keep your head up.

You have to keep your head up at the defensemen/checking forwards to see where they are and what direction they are leaning.

If you have to keep looking down at the puck to see where it is because you have not yet learned the feel of the puck, and can instinctually "feel" or sense how it will move around on the ice - you will not be successful.

As said above, one of the most important aspects is discerning which way the defenders are leaning/moving and then using their momentum and footwork against them. I took judo for a while, and have found it quite applicable as it is entirely based upon using your opponent's momentum against them to throw them off balance. I even try to integrate some of its moves with a head or body fake.

I'd say first get very comfortable handling the puck around you in close quarters without having to look down at it except for a nanosecond. Off ice I use a chair, a golf ball, and force myself to stare only at the TV as I move the ball around the chair legs as quickly as possible. Assuming your TV is about waist high or higher, this will do the trick.

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