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01-31-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by GeoffL19 View Post
It doesn't matter how poorly Stastny has been playing recently.

It's clear he doesn't want to play for Sacco the scrub so he's just cashing it in.

Given a change of scenery with a somewhat competent coach and wingers that can finish on a somewhat regular basis, I guarantee he will flourish.

He's too good not to.

I'd love for the Avs to keep him and see how he plays under a new coach, but since they seem to be inexplicably enamored with a coach that couldn't even win in the AHL, I see Stastny leaving before Sacco.
So I'd assume you'd have no problem with a trade that sees him go to Toronto for Dion Phaneuf & Tyler Bozak, but with the catch being that if he doesn't achieve a point-per-game this year in a Leaf uniform, we get your 2013 first round pick?

Originally Posted by miser View Post
Given Spezza's surgery - Statsny could be a reasonable option for the Sens.
A good idea. To me, the biggest question is, assuming that the Avs aren't prepared to retain salary, does he fit in as the #2 centre next year at $6.6m? Guys with full years on contract generally aren't who you trade for to replace an injured guy.

Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Stastny is playing Bad right now.
So are the Avs As a whole.
We have larger Problems than Paul.
We desperately Need a New Coach for Years now.

And I want to See Paul under him.
Avs don't have a System and are pure Chaos on ICE.
Stazz is probably suffering the Most because of this given His cerebral
Playmaking Kind of style
Stastny's been "playing bad" for the last couple years now. At some point, that just becomes the player he is. Am I saying that has happened with Stastny? No, but suggesting that he's a lock to return to point-per-game form with a coaching change is pretty far fetched considering he hasn't been there in 3 years.

It's a lot like Leafs fans suggesting that Komisarek is a lock to return to form once they got rid of Ron Wilson. Sometimes, players just can't rebound when exposed to an ill-fitted coach for years on end.

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