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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
And? Deng also is one of the best defensive players in the game and a much better three point shooter while George is a much better three point shooter and hey, better defensively then Gay. Gay also has that selfish problem of putting his own stats ahead of his team. Toronto can have that problem considering they are one of the bottom feeders of the league and are now on the hook for what, 30 million over the next two years?

Thinking Gay is anything but a mediocre talent is over exaggeration.
That's funny. His stats are comparable to George and Deng in many many ways. Gay is a career 34% 3-pt shooter. Deng's at 35%, and George is at 38%, but shoots a lower overall FG%. Does that make George and Deng mediocre as well? Gay is easily one of the 25-30 best players in the league, out of 300+ players. There must be a whole lot of mediocrity going on in the NBA.

Deng and George are better all-around players, but Gay scores more than those guys while shooting roughly the same %. As a #1 option, I would want the guy who scores more over the guy who does everything well. You can find other guys who defend, rebound, etc, but a scorer who can find his own shot like Gay can while also doing a bit of the other stuff is invaluable. He's a decent rebounder and he's a good defender. I have no idea where you get the notion that he's a bad defender. He's a tall, lanky defender who is capable of defending three positions.

And who cares how much money he makes. The NBA has a soft cap, and The Raps would not have had any chance to attract a top-tier free agent, ever.

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