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Originally Posted by Mynameismark View Post
I have to defend Ryan White from these knee-jerky reactionarys...

White as we all know is a fiery and emotional guy, and he plays with an edge. He gives his all out there all the time. He got called for a BS penalty, that's obvious. He got angry and he took it out on the official. That was his only mistake here. He needs to know when to cool it and realize he can dislike a call but that cursing a ref out wont change what happened. Now people want him benched because they feel he cost the Habs a game. Well no, the PP had it's chances for us and we couldnt help White out at all by doing anything good on the PK. It was just an off night for the team. We were up by a goal and could have added to the lead but failed to do so. It happens.

Look, we are mostly winning games here and came off a 4 win stretch, after having placed last the season past. Sometimes we are going to lose. You don't bench a guy like White who wears his emotions on his sleeve after making one mistake. No other team has done that and they've had emotional players...all Therrien needs to do here is talk to White, tell him that he loves the passion he plays with and to continue that way, but to know when to bite his tongue, especially towards the officials. White already realizes his error. If he were to continue doing this after being talked to, then perhaps give him a game to think about it up in the press box. But White still deserves to play.

Ask yourselves this: Is White playing hard and giving his best effort? The answer is yes.

Is White playing well and doing everything he is supposed to be doing? The answer to that is again, yes.

So basically, you bench a guy for playing poorly or for not giving his all and being lazy, but you do not bench a guy who made a mistake but is playing his heart out and playing well.

White is doing everything you could ask of him. You dont bench him and try to neuter him and tone him down. These players are not as good when shackled that way.

Also it makes no sense to replace him on the 4th line by others such as Eller or another skilled type of player. Firstly, how does that help the team by taking away an energy line, and how does Eller get better by being on the 4th line? He doesn't fit that role, and these guys need to be given roles to succeed.
Great post.

That is how O'Byrne was ruined here in Montreal. Make a mistake.....not because of poor effort......simply a mistake......and get press boxed.

How did that work out for O'Byrne?

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