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01-31-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
Sorry, you didn't seem to get it.

Or the other way: another Finnish player who plays provocation game gets beat down by a Russian, and Finns are all around Internet crying, cursing Artyukhin and saying some "propaganda" nonsense. You are obviously not very well familiar with situation in Russia if you think that anyone in Russia is braiwashed by propaganda and cheers just because a foreign player gets injured. However, whenever somewhere Russians and Finns confront, we hear some **** from Finns all the time. I guess they are brainwashed too!

In the long end, I hope no one now thinks that Jalasvaara suffered some terrible injury or was a nice lamb. The "I've never seen anything like that!" was also just disproved.
All evidence now is "I hate Artyukhin" and "Assault from behind". Assault from behind, OK, that's why he did get suspended.

Sound about right.
I'm sure media in every country has its national bias, so yes to a degree we are brainwashed. However, this is so blatantly vicious attack that a bunch of Russians downplaying it speaks volumes of bias in that end. Or maybe it's just my blue-tinted glasses..

I really don't get all these excuses; Jalasvaara is an agitator, such things have happened before, he was not severely injured. That's all irrelevant, such actions should be easy enough to condemn based on there own merit, or lack thereof.

By the way, how do you disprove me not seeing something before. Have you seen me see such an assault or are you a psychic?

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