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01-31-2013, 05:51 PM
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The stupidity of coaching and management sometimes astound me.

A) Fistric is SO much better than Potter, even with him at RD and his discomfort, he's still invariably more valuable than Potter.

B) Screw getting Whitney going. If he can't get it together, you stop playing him. Brett Clark has shown, even as late as last year, that he's more than capable of playing bottom pairing minutes and staying above water.

C) Wasting a roster spot on Hordichuk is stupid. It feels like they're doing it because traditionally you needed an enforcer. You don't now, and he can't play well enough to make himself useful...and when he's dressed for games, he hardly plays, so he just makes it that harder on the rest of the team. STOP PLAYING HIM. GET HIM OFF THE ROSTER.

D) If they feel they need a tough guy for a game or two, they can always pluck somebody off waivers-- enforcers are always on waivers. And then waive them after they're no longer needed.

E) Why is Peckham on this roster? 1+ million for a #8 d-man? First of all, it's stupid financial management. Secondly, he's another type, a stay-at-home fringe NHLer in his mid 20s that is ALWAYS on waivers. Can always fill that role via waivers or, logically, with Brett Clark.

F) Khabibulin. He was SO bad last year, they can't possibly have any other reason to have him on the roster other than his price tag. Well what's more important? Getting value out of somebody who no longer has any? Or winning games? If Khabibulin's 5-10 starts are terrible and cost the Oilers the playoffs, they'll lose out on more money (from playoffs revenue) than Khabibulin will cost them. Dumb.

It's all just common sense, and it's so infuriating that guys making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these kinds of decisions can't see what's clear as day.

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